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Luxor is vertically-integrating Proof-of-Work.

Our Vision

Luxor Technologies was founded by software engineers that felt the blockchain industry lacked in available infrastructure. Additionally, software to support the rapidly growing mining space often weren't very good, or simply didn't exist.

Since then, the Luxor team has built a range of solutions for scaling blockchain infrastructure, including a globally distributed mining pool, a hashrate network-switching engine, and a wide variety of blockchain software ranging from blockchain explorers to an ASIC management platform.

We strongly believe that classical Nakamoto consensus (Proof-of-Work) is the only proven and tested way to secure a decentralized platform. The future of decentralized finance will require responsible guardians that can efficiently harness energy in order to maintain the security of a network. We are focused on vertically integrating mining pools and enterprise-grade management software to provide investors a full-service investment vehicle for cryptocurrency mining.

Our Founders

Nick Hansen

Chief Executive Officer

Nick mined his first Bitcoin in 2012 and has since developed a deep passion and understanding of blockchain technology and consensus algorithms. With his enterprise software engineering background and fundamental knowledge of blockchain technology, Nick hopes to span the gamut from crypto-enthusiast to institutional investor.

Eddie Wang

Chief Technology Officer

Eddie is an experienced product-owner and software-engineer with a passion for design. He became attracted to the blockchain industry because of how naturally it combines technology, finance, and game-theory. Eddie previously worked as a software engineer for Sia and MyEtherWallet.

Ethan Vera

Chief Operating Officer

Ethan started his career in asset management, where he helped manage pension plans and investment funds for Canada’s largest institutions at the Royal Bank of Canada. He was previously an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs, where he covered the blockchain, fintech and semiconductor industries. He has advised on a number of cross-border Asia M&A (sell-side, buy-side, take private, private placement) transactions across the TMT, Industrials and Energy industries.

Guzman Pintos

Chief Product Officer

Guzman is a Consultant in Strategy, Operations & Technology at Deloitte Uruguay where he helps organizations from diverse industries to approach their most complex problems. He has experience in innovative Cloud PBF and BI solutions implementations that improve efficiency and empower decision-making. Currently performs as PMO in a CORE Insurance software transformation redefining processes, managing the budget and ensuring quality.

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