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Powering the future of Bitcoin miner products & services.

Luxor Technology was founded by software engineers who felt that the Bitcoin mining industry required new tools and infrastructure. We believe that Bitcoin hashrate is a new, digital commodity, and we wanted to build software and services to support this commodity.

Since 2017, the Luxor team has built a range of solutions for scaling mining infrastructure. Our products include a globally distributed mining pool, hashprice derivatives, a request-for-quote ASIC marketplace, firmware, and a Bitcoin mining analytics platform.

We strongly believe that Nakamoto consensus (Proof-of-Work) is the only proven and tested way to secure a decentralized platform. The future of decentralized finance will require responsible guardians who can efficiently harness energy to maintain the security of the network. Luxor’s suite of products were built with a single, unifying vision: hashrate as a commodity.

Our Company in numbers

    Our Company Mission

    Luxor was founded to accelerate the financialization of hashrate, and this vision guides us in all that we do.

    At Luxor Technology, we are building a full-stack suite of Bitcoin mining software and financial services. Our ASIC RFQ can help miners procure hardware at competitive rates, and miners can maximize their hashprice with our Bitcoin mining pool and hedge hashprice volatility with our derivatives products. Miners can also maximize their machines’ hashrate with LuxOS, our custom firmware.

    Our Core Values

    Driven by our values to achieve our common mission

    • Builders

      We are constantly shipping, and gathering feedback from our customers.

    • Customer Focus

      We solve our customer’s problems with customer-focused product and feedback loops.

    • Open Communication

      We seek and are open to constructive feedback.

    • Sustainability

      Every member of our team takes responsibility for what they deliver.

    • Diversity

      Our team is global. As a remote company, Luxor has employees in every major continent.

    • Curiosity

      Luxor started as a moonlighting side project because we were curious about proof-of-work technology. That curiosity carries.

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    Luxor Pools

    Bitcoin And Crypto Mining Pool

    Luxor Mining Pool was built to maximize hashrate profitability. North America’s leading FPPS Bitcoin Mining Pool, and Crypto Mining Pool.

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