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Minery Tech’s first colocation broke soil in 2017, furthering Luxor Technologies’ goal to establish a footprint in the colocation industry. The initial objective was clear: to learn more about the needs of the individuals that mine on Luxor’s pools by working with them from the moment that an ethernet cord is plugged into their miner.
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Running a fleet of ASICs efficiently should be a turn-key process.

Minery Tech successfully powered on its first 2.5MW and locked down orders from ASIC and GPU miners across the globe. Fast forward to the present, Minery aims to expand its operations to serve upwards of 4MW in the near term and more thereafter. What was first a desire to learn more about our customers has transformed into an obsession to bridge the gap between those seeking to mine and the ability to do so profitably by accessing less expensive electricity at a colocation.

Minery will bridge this gap by becoming the go-to mining colocation for institutional and recreational miners. Spearheaded by data center professionals, cryptocurrency developers, and mining enthusiasts, Minery is well equipped to continue to optimize its operations to ensure maximum uptime, diligent customer service, and meticulous equipment maintenance.

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Host your miners at a secure facility for less than $0.12/kwh

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