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Luxor RFQ March Updates
27 Mar 2023·Luxor

Luxor RFQ March Product Updates

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Luxor RFQ WTS Release
24 Feb 2023·Luxor

New features * Added WTS RFQs. Now sellers can submit their inventory for sale and get bids by different buyers. 0:00/1× * Added ability to reject an RFQ answer with a reason for the counterparty to improve his Bid / Ask. The counterparty gets notified of the rejection reason. * Added price per TH alongside clearing price for closed deals. * Added pricing summary with and without RFQ fees in RFQ response builder. * Add current and next fee tiers in settings dashboard. * Add RFQ by Type f

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Luxor Bitcoin ASIC RFQ Public Release - Luxor's request-for-quote platform allows buyers and sellers can place RFQs and negotiate prices directly, improving price discovery and increasing liquidity in the market.

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