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Derivatives Position Manager Updates March 23's logo
Derivatives Position Manager Updates March 23
27 Mar 2023·Luxor

What's new? * Show units in BTC instead of Sats with 5 decimals places, update BTC values to 8 decimals for CSV download. * Add dynamic Hashprice in Buy / Sell trader form. * Update OTC-markets page to link to HashrateIndex * Update support image in OTC-markets page. * Update LEI to Legal Entity Identifier in Settings Page. Fixed * Ensure reference hashprice and settlement rate columns in the contract performance table use 2 decimal places. * Fixed expired contract table pulling wrong

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Luxor RFQ March Updates's logo
Luxor RFQ March Updates
27 Mar 2023·Luxor

Luxor RFQ March Product Updates

Luxor Launches First Antminer Firmware Made in North America's logo

Luxor Miners, We are excited to announce LuxorOS, a US-based firmware, for your Bitcoin ASIC miners. Our firmware update replaces the manufacturer's factory firmware and adds a variety of new capabilities, including tuning profiles, improved interface and user experience, transparent pricing, an open and well-documented API, and more. Some of the key features of this release include: * Advanced tuning profiles: The firmware includes a range of customizable tuning profiles that allow users to

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New Release: Operator Dashboard  🔔 🚀's featured image
New Release: Operator Dashboard 🔔 🚀24 Feb 2023 · Luxor

Operators and Hosting providers now have their proper Luxor Application: Operator Dashboard. As a professional, you can now gather all your client's miners into one dashboard. Our purpose is to help you manage your multi-client activity. Operator and Workers Overviews Important : You need to create a new Luxor Account that will be tagged as 'Operator' in order for you to have access to this new dashboard The overview dashboard is built to manage easily large mining farms, multiple clients, f

Luxor's Mining Pools Are Now SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant's featured image
New Documentation for our Mining Pool API released 🔔's featured image

Good news everyone! We just released our new API documentation. This version is more straightforward, provides more information, and includes examples in different languages to make onboarding more accessible and easier than ever before. We also reduced the noise by selecting only the most used and valuable queries, so our documentation is now easier to comprehend and facilitates a cleaner onboarding process. Supported Languages This new version of our documentation now supports the followin

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Luxor ASIC RFQ Public Release v1.0 🚀's featured image

Luxor Bitcoin ASIC RFQ Public Release - Luxor's request-for-quote platform allows buyers and sellers can place RFQs and negotiate prices directly, improving price discovery and increasing liquidity in the market.

Luxor RFQ March Updates's featured image
Luxor RFQ WTS Release's featured image
Luxor RFQ WTS Release24 Feb 2023 · Luxor

New features * Added WTS RFQs. Now sellers can submit their inventory for sale and get bids by different buyers. 0:00/1× * Added ability to reject an RFQ answer with a reason for the counterparty to improve his Bid / Ask. The counterparty gets notified of the rejection reason. * Added price per TH alongside clearing price for closed deals. * Added pricing summary with and without RFQ fees in RFQ response builder. * Add current and next fee tiers in settings dashboard. * Add RFQ by Type f

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